Friday, October 8, 2010

Arrived in Tonga

Hey Everyone,

This is my first chance to post since I got here.  Its Thursday at 7:49 PM.  We arrived on Monday morning and were greeted by Peace Corps staff.  The people of Tonga are amazing.  Its strange walking around and having everyone saying Hello to you.  I bought my Tepenu (man skirt) today and I look fucking good lol.  Its actually how surprising how comfortable it is and un-girly looking.  Especially since everyone is wearing them some of who are massive Tongan men.  We apparently brought the rain with us cuz it has been raining since we arrived.  The staff here are awesome.  On Wednesday we all fly out to Ha'apai which is the most consevative island group in Tonga.  We have all been split up into 4 different villages on the island of Foa.  Sorry this is a bit of a short post but I didn't have much time.  I'll do better in a few days.