Monday, November 1, 2010


                This week we found out our site placements for where we will be living after we get sworn in, in December.  I am going to be a primary school teacher in a government primary school.  The kids range from Grade 1 (5 year olds) to Grade 6 (11 year olds).  I think I’ll be primarily teaching English but I’m not quite sure.  The school is in the village of Faleloa which is two villages over from where I’m living right now.  It is on the island of Foa, in the island group of Ha’apai.  In my school there are 4 teachers and 77 students.  The village of Faleloa has approximately 400 people in it. 
                A great perk for me is that because I’ll be staying here on the same island as our home stay, I have already seen my house.  It is on the school compound, right next to the school.  My neighbor is the principle I think.  Another lucky thing about my house is that up until about a week ago, another volunteer was living there.  She just finished her service and she left me all her stuff.  This means that I can save most of moving-in allowance because I don’t need to buy a refrigerator, stove, and bike.  She left me some other stuff too I think but I haven’t seen all of it yet.  Peace Corps took everything out of the house so that nobody took anything. 
Here are the pics…
                Also down the road is 2nd most beautiful beach in Tonga (so I’ve heard) and two resorts.  The island is also surrounded by beautiful reefs and beaches.  I think I’ll be very happy here. 

My House...

Looking in the front door

My living room

My Bedroom

My bathroom

My Shower

Kitchen Counter

Kitchen Sink

Playing field right in front of my house

My school

My neighbors house (the principle I think)

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  1. I love it! You got hooked up...that kid out front looks like trouble, I'd keep my eye on him lol. Where is the guest room?